Demon Ecosystem

Demon Shill Diamonds

Welcome to Demon Ecosystem's ultimate Gitbook. You shall find all you need to know about Demon Ecosystem here!
Demon Ecosystem constitutes of 2 ecosystem which integrates DeCo finance vault with a unique Metaverse gamification equipped with special NFT characters making it one of the most exclusive DeFi projects in the market.
Apart from solving the equilibrium of profit earning and gaming experience with blockchain technology, Demon Ecosystem could provides a platform for users to trade, swap, stake, yield, have fun, and profit at the same time!
We aim to provide a platform for everyone to have a go at DeFi mining and obtain limited DEMON & DEMONX tokens; pegged with the value of gamification NFT!


DeCo Finance is a decentralized aggregator farming platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
DeCo Finance strictly selects the safest and most profitable farming projects on BSC, especially PancakeSwap for users, and automatically stake assets that deposited by users into the mining pool with the highest profit. Earnings are issued regularly and rewards are given to DEMON (Demon Ecosystem's platform governance token).
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