Construction List

Application of whitelist for Pre Sales qualification

Launching of Demon aggregator services. Users can get higher profits in a long-term period. Beside DEMON holders, Cake holders & PancakeSwap LP tokens holders can also earn DEMON with high APR! And we will keep adding more vaults, so please stay tuned!

Launching of DEMONX token and NFTs characters blindbox sales

Launching of DEMONX GameFi Metaverse, and all NFTs characters can be applied in-game experience.

Planning of implement DemonSwap for tokens swap function.

Releasing more DeFi protocols through investment, incubation, and joint development to jointly empower Demon Ecosystem. And also plan to release the yield aggregator module and develop our Launchpad platform at the same time.
All the above plans will empower and add value to our governance token DEMON.
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