Community Driven

CDC is a development initiative that provides control of the development process, resources, and decision-making authority directly to groups in the community. The underlying assumption of CDC projects is that communities are the best judges, if provided with adequate resources and information, they can organise themselves to provide for the sustainability of the project ecosystem and protocol.
Community Contribution is all about creating ‘Social Sharing Communities’ within the Demon ecosystem and managing the community based on majority governance.
Community Leaders can allocate a portion of airdrops from the Demon ecosystem (DEMON, DemonX, NFTs) as well as other tokens based on their discretion, in order to build and sustain the most active and rewarding community.
Demon Ecosystem encourages these communities to have their own unique governance because one of DeCo’s missions is to integrate as many crypto-community, has-beens, or will-be into a decentralized automated rewarding blockchain ecosystem, through staking, farming, contributing, gaming, listing products, and several other ways.

Lock a minimum of 770,000 DEMON in the specific wallet address and submit wallet address to platform.
Unique community LOGO & Brief Introduction of Community
Community Channel(s) with at least 1000 ACTIVE subscribers
Promote our Demon Ecosystem Admins into the said channel as moderators
SAFT: Simple Agreement Future Tokens between Demon and Community Leader

1. Register to become a Demion through the official application.
2. Lock minimum 770,000 DEMON on community leader contract address
3. Create or provide proof of Community Channels with at least 1000 subscribers.
4. Submit the Community LOGO & brief description of the community, preferably with a tagline.
5. Promote DeCo admin in the channel as moderator.
6. Email all submissions and details to [email protected]

Most of the reward generated by the finance vault pools is attributed to users. The 0.3% withdrawal fees and 3% vault performance fee collected by platform is used to repurchase DEMON and destruct to black-hole address.
In future launch of DEMONX Metaverse Gamefi, players are required to buy the genesis gameplay NFTs characters with cost of DEMON. All DEMON used to purchase NFTs will fully destruct into black-hole address.
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