DemonX NFT
The Story of DemonX

Location: Staphonia Kingdom
Races: Cambion, Demi-human, Elf, Archangel
The vast continent of Staphonia in the Middle Ages, the north is a barren dessert which natives by Demi-human, the south is a dense forest which natives by Elf, the east is the sun rising cliff is the city of Archangel, and the west of the corner is the mysterious and dark swamp natives by Cambion.
In the dim swamp, where there is sunlight-less all year round, and the smell of death is spreading around here. The unawaked Cambions living here, the gates of hell were hidden under a swamp, and evil spirits wandering between life and death, giving them powerful and evil magical powers.
Demon dominates the source of Cambion. He uses his immortality and mighty power to convince warriors to join the forces of the Demon, constantly transforming them into new troops. The Demon's ambitions began to surround Staphonia as silently as the fog of the swamp. The city of Archangels once owned the entire continent of Staphonia, and the tribe of Demi-human from the chaotic space swept over the whole of Staphonia. They were savage, powerful, and able to breed rapidly like spores keeping their power unleashing and quickly suppressing the elite soldiers and strong generals of the city of Archangels. The Elves did not fulfill the promise of alliance with the Archangels in this tragic war, they chose to observe the tendency and silently watch this massacre. These had made the Archangels completely disappointed, and hatred was born from this. They were defeated and hid in the city that had become the strongest fortress in Staphonia so far.
Demi-human are the happiest and manic race, this is because they do not have too many worries and awareness. The Shaman leader guides them to this land through the wishing window. In their perceptions, as long as they are starving, they will destroy everything. Destruction is the main habit of their revelry, the horn is the beginning of their feast, and battling is everything a demi-human lives. They are fearless and robust, but simple-minded. They obey Shaman's instructions and never need to think or fear. According to legend, the Demi-human Shaman was born from the union of Archangel and Elf and was later exiled to the chaotic space. With hatred, Shaman owned the mantle of the God of Chaos, founded a troop of Demi-human, and returned to Staphonia for revenge.
The beautiful Elves come from an ancient race in the continent of Staphonia, and they have a longer lifespan than others so they have witnessed the history of the entire Middle Ages. The Elves own superb metallurgical skills, which can create the sharpest swords and crossbows in the world and can strike and kill all living creatures from a long distance. They are light and agile, also, the ancestor of Staphonia which was created by the four elders of the Elves according to the legend. The Demon is one of the four elders of creation.
War had once divided the Archangels and Elves against the continent of Staphonia. Thus, Archangels and Elves made a pact of mutual non-aggression. However, the Elves have mastered too many secrets of dark magic. They believe that they are the real masters of Staphonia, and they are selfish and unwilling to share these magical powers with the outsider. They know everything about Staphonia, and the story of the swamp forest has long been known to them.
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