Lottery Pot

Navigate to select LOTTERY GAME at the left hand side after connecting your wallet.
There will be 2 Demon Lottery game to be play:
  1. 1.
    Lucky Demon Box
  2. 2.
    Crazy Demon Box

Please read through the rules and regulations of the lottery game before participating in the event!
You will need to get approval from your wallet in order to participate in this Lucky Demon Box Lottery event.
Click Start Now to start the game!
You will be direct to your wallet once again to approve on the game. Do note that there will be charges on gas fees. Please prepare BNB in your wallet for the approval.
Once approved from the wallet, the Lottery game will start to draw. Each lottery will cost 100 DEMON. Try your luck to win up to 5x rewards!
The result will appear after the Lottery draw.
Example: If you win the Lottery, it will show the wining amount in the notice. Click on Confirm button to proceed.
You may head to the Lottery page and check on the Lottery record to claim your DEMON.
Click on Receive (300) and you will need to approved your transaction from your wallet once again.
Confirm the transaction and you will receive your Lucky Pot rewards in your wallet!
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