All pools that farm DeCo Finance have a vesting schedule, while other than that have no vesting schedule.
For example,
1. Staking DEMON-BNB LP farm pool to earn DEMON, the total earnings will show on the “Harvest” balance.
2. After clicking “Harvest” button and pay with a little amount of GAS fee, all the earnings will accumulate at the “Claim” page.
3. Go to the “Claim” page, the total earnings are shown on “DEMON to be unlocked” and it will be vesting in 180 days linearly.
4. Users can claimed the earnings once every 3 days as it will be shown on “DEMON Claimable”.

DeCo Finance earnings vesting is the process of locking and releasing tokens after conditions have been met. It comes in handy to prevent market damping and market manipulation, ensuring tokens retain their value over time. Besides, token vesting shows that Demon team is highly interested in the project for boosting investors’ confidence. However, token vesting lowers market price manipulations and indicates that team is highly concentrated on the project and will continue working on its development to increase the token value.
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