Key Opinion Leader
DEMON tokenomics comprises Airdrop allocations to a certain community. As per the token allocation, a total airdrop of 10% of the total supply is set for marketing purposes, which comprises airdrop as well as other segments. As for airdrop, DeCo Finance has assembled several airdrops which are Community Airdrop & KOL Airdrop. In this section, we will talk more about the KOL Airdrop. Key Opinion Leaders, or better known as KOL, can be defined as someone who's considered a connoisseur of a certain topic and whose opinions are respected by their public and they have much influence in their own community. Therefore, DeCo Finance welcomes KOL. with extensive open invitation by composing rather intriguing and exciting airdrops as a reward.
We will be giving away 1 million DEMON to every KOL (upon fulfilling the requirements, stated below) which will be distributed after the verification process is completed.
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