More Exclusive NFT Coming Soon!
Outer God seeks more potential artists to tokenize their artwork in the form of NFT. There are plenty of artists who find it difficult to promote their physical artworks to the public and causing them hard to sell their artworks for a living.
Therefore, Outer God as an NFT marketplace could help these artists to promote their artworks in an innovative way which is tokenizing the physical artworks into NFTs. Also, to promote widely to the public in order to gain a better reputation and influence power. We are keen to help inspire more unseen art talent and help those lower-income artists worldwide to create better art, a better life, and a better NFT ecosystem worldwide. We are here to support artists and put them on the global map, through OuterGods, and through the NFT ecosystem.
We invite those with a passion for NFT purchase and trading to join us. Korea region will be our first concentrated area to launch this program, as well as cooperate with the local art gallery to integrate their artworks on the basis of blockchain.
Furthermore, we will expand as well in other regions to help more artists to promote their artworks. Stay Tuned for more NFT launches on Outer God!
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