NFT Merchandised
How To Verify Your NFT Project?
NFT collection as OuterGods Partners enjoys benefits like ・Verified Mark ・Dedicated NFT Collection Page ・Attribute Filter & Rarity Ranking For projects that meet our conditions, we offer further advanced integration including ・Royalty distribution at real-time For NFTs with non-standard metadata, we also provide manual support for converting them into a displayable format. Fill in the form below and we will contact you later. For other business inquiries: [email protected] How to Apply Your LaunchPad?
OuterGods Launchpad aims to help partner GameFi projects to sell NFTs. If you are from any projects that meet the conditions below: · Finished or going to start a token sale / IDO · Going to release a new NFT collection · 1000+ community (Twitter or Telegram or Discord) Please fill in the form below and let's figure out a way to work together. Your Launchpad page is shown on the top page of OuterGods 72 hours ago from mint starting. CTA is set as your minting page URL. It's no cost, but you must list OuterGods as/among your official marketplaces on your website, Twitter, and other official channels. Once submitted, changes will never be accepted. If you want to change anything, we charge $500/time. Please ask it with tx of USDT for wallet address.
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